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Dragon Story: Equinox & Falling Leaf Dragon Update

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Видео добавил: wbangcaHD
Просмотров: 4221
Dragon Story: Equinox & Falling Leaf Dragon Update

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Kyle Quan (добавлен в 04:39 26.09.2013)

Thx man for puttin me in the descrip. Man

GamersGuide721 . (добавлен в 12:20 25.09.2013)

Well..I got that quest thing while my brother's one got the breeding! Not fair! I like the Equinox Dragon :D They just copy Dragon City Mobile -__- In addition,the banned me in their forums for no reason =_= It's because I discuss moderator actions..WTF I've never do that =_= Stupid TL!

(добавлен в 18:24 25.09.2013)

Add me: saudi_7rbi

Sothyvan Ieng (добавлен в 15:12 25.09.2013)

Add me please sothyvan

Scourge the hedgehog (добавлен в 10:58 26.09.2013)

Magic and serpent that's how I got the equinox dragon first try

Michael Cofield (добавлен в 06:02 25.09.2013)

the button to open the dragon summoning page in the top right not opening for anyone else i have challenges for the dragons, but cant get to the summoning page. i'm on the iphone 4s with ios7 and i'm lvl 21

hafiz solikin (добавлен в 15:44 05.10.2013)

Your wrong you can breed it

hafiz solikin (добавлен в 15:43 05.10.2013)


Rick McNew (добавлен в 06:42 25.09.2013)

Wabangaca, what do you play dragon story on Is it a Ipad or what

Scourge the hedgehog (добавлен в 11:03 26.09.2013)

And if what to see my equinox dragon add me windwaker2000

ApprinaCOM (добавлен в 05:46 25.09.2013)

weird very weird

Erick Alvarez (добавлен в 05:47 25.09.2013)

Do u know how to breed them

Salem almrii (добавлен в 07:12 25.09.2013)

I get it by breeding

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